Public Entity Litigation

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Public Entity Litigation


Dangerous Public Property Claims

Public entities include the State of California, counties, cities, local school districts and water districts, airport authorities, public health districts, and public colleges and universities. Many lawsuits involving public entities are subject to special rules, including expedited deadlines for filing a lawsuit. When a dispute arises involving a public entity, put your trust in The Law Office of David M. Daftary, a firm who has represented public entities in the past and is well versed in the special rules involving actions against them.

Any dangerous condition which exists on public property is the responsibility of city and state governments. When these conditions are not addressed and an injury results, the city or state government may be held legally accountable. This law may apply to accidents that happen in the following places to name a few:

  • Crosswalk and walkways
  • Government owned buildings
  • Intersections
  • Museums
  • Public Parks
  • School premises
  • Sidewalks

If you have suffered an injury in San Diego, Orange or Riverside Counties, call The Law Office of David M. Daftary to obtain experienced legal advice from an outstanding attorney.

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